We attended as exhibitors the Retail and Brand Experience World Congress held in Barcelona last week.

Over three days the entire retail and branding ecosystem came together to share the innovations that are revolutionising the retail and brand industry.

Optopus and 63 more start ups

Sharing space with 63 more newly created companies at the Start up Village is an endless source of inspiration. Which left us with lots of thoughts and two key take-outs.

Firstly, modesty aside, we were greatly pleased to see that our new offering for ecommerce – product image optimisation to revamp the conversion funnel – was very well received amongst potential clients and industry professionals.

Secondly, we discovered dozens of companies that focused mainly on data gathering to improve retail performance.

Retail is data-centric or it’s not

We all know that the collection, analysis and use of data – small and big – is transforming “how we live, work and think” (see “Big Data” by Victor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier). And this year more than ever we should add that it’s transforming how we buy and sell.

It’s not surprising then that the Retail and Brand Experience World Congress gave voice to small and big businesses with data at their core.

The offering ranged from novel companies such us Robin Data Hood that tracked consumer spending – via receipt upload – and rewarded them with personalised offers along the way.

To services such us Robin Brick, which comes to the rescue of the often forgotten “bricks&mortars”. Bringing the same capacity of analysis and testing inherent at the online stores, to the physical stores. How? Via an analytic solution for the retail industry uses AI monitors to manage thousands of data points and come up with meaningful reports for each role.

Also Pal Robotics services the physical stores, in this case by automating tasks such us stock-taking using the StockBot robot. Which exhaustively controls inventory in retail stores and warehouses. The robot navigates the store and, after the route is completed, provides with a 3D map with all items location. A very useful tool to provide retailers with life-inventory data but also to enable them to test different store planograms and assess the most successful ones.

Moving towards the e-commerce scene, not surprisingly a lot of companies long for a share of this growing industry.

From start ups such us Loyal Guru, that ensures your consumer data is centralised, reducing communication silos and helping make customer-centricity mainstream.

To players like Plyzer Technologies , which centralises all e-commerce data – with a real-time cloud-based solution for the pharmaceutical industry – in one portal driven by an AI engine. All in all, to aid consumers find the best prices using an app, and help vendors put some order to their online presence with improved e-commerce market knowledge.

See you at the 2020 edition

The above is just a hint of what the RBEWC did offer. Really inspiring event with over 5000 visitors, 120 sessions, 210 speakers and 164 companies that are a living proof that the retail industry is ever moving. We can’t wait for the 2020 edition. Stay tuned.