Beam Suntory, the leading global premium spirits company, reported results for its
first ePackaging optimization project which took place during 2020 and was managed
by the team at Optopus.

Results were extremely positive and reinforced the vision of the company. It is
currently trialling innovative new methods as it goes through a digital transformation
phase. The goal is to drive long term growth through digital channels.

The project was developed for their premium Scotch whisky brand Bowmore, and was
led by its digital activation department and Optopus’ strategic and creative team.

A 3-Phase project

1. Audit and research

We started with an analysis of the current Bowmore packaging. Using AI tracking
technology, we were able to find out which information they were communicating and
which messages were more prominent. Following the brand guidelines and drawing
upon known purchase drivers, we created an e-content hierarchy to follow while
optimizing Bowmore products.

2. Creation of optimized ePackaging images (Mobile-ready Hero Images)

El Optopus design team created optimized ePackaging images to boost the visual
impact of the products. These were created in accordance with AI learnings and the
defined e-content hierarchy.


3. Testing performance in Amazon

Beam Suntory and Optopus conducted A/B testing on Amazon UK to measure the
performance of Mobile-Ready Hero Images vs. traditional product shots. The test
compared the performance of Bowmore 12 and Bowmore 15.

Both brands obtained a double digit increase of sales and visits to the product detail
page. It has become the first of many Beam Suntory brands that will be using
ePackaging optimization projects to boost sales. At the moment, no more information
can be released due to our confidentiality agreement.


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