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3D product images and mobile-ready hero images

What are MRHI?


Most brand packaging is designed for the shelves of physical supermarkets, not for online stores.
This means that critical e-commerce information can sometimes be too small and unreadable on digital displays. This affects sales performance.


Mobile-ready hero images are a new e-commerce solution tested by the University of Cambridge. Consisting of enhanced and modified packaging designs, they’re intended for electronic display: ensuring key purchase information is clear and visible on mobile devices.



Mobile-Ready Hero Images


CGI Images: Computer Generated Imagery

CGI images are the best option when it comes to product images. Photography is only recommended when people are included, or the product is placed against a complex background.
CGI product photography is the process of creating photographic quality images of retail products using computer-generated images.


  • More agile, efficient and profitable
  • More control over finishing and lighting
  • Unlimited customization possibilities
  • Ideal for new concept packs
  • Opens up a world of possibilities: CGI videos, 360s, AR and/or VR assets, all from one initial 3D model.

Global and localized copywriting for e-commerce

We create the optimal textual assets for each brand, market and distributor

Style guide

We develop an ideal “product name and descriptor” guide, unique to your brand.

Content hierarchy

Using a more effective textual hierarchy and title formula, we ensure that your products are seen first in searches.


We define the best keywords for each product.

Rich advertising texts

We write descriptions and include keywords, using information provided by you and following your brand’s own unique tone of voice and style.

Adapted texts for each eRetailer

We take the considerations of main distributors into account, and adapt the textual assets to improve the performance of each SKU.

Translation for local markets

We localize the text based on market-specific keywords.


Visual content strategy and AI tracking tests

The newest tool for eContent analytics: AI tracking

AI-tracking is a new analytical tool that measures the effectiveness of electronic content.
AI tracking uses an artificial intelligence algorithm that emulates the human eye and shows what consumers see first. This tool exists to make content work better in an oversaturated e-commerce world.

This test shows the performance of optimized product listings, compared to standard ones, to give you a clear idea of ​​what is working and what needs to be changed.

It can be used to test the effectiveness of visual content, such as mobile-ready hero images. It can also include more streamlined elements, such as SEO-enriched product descriptors, that can be compared to previous content.


  • Heat maps and grid metric data, shown in static and dynamic maps, display the most visible areas of a creative (e.g. landing page, packaging, banner ad, TV ad, etc.)
  • Opacity maps show the sequence in which information is read and looked at.
  • Comparison of the content strategy (key information and order of importance) with the AI ​​tracking maps identifies improvement points.


  • Test various conceptual or design proposals during the creative process
  • Show the creativity in context. For example, a banner on the destination website.


  • We make sure your creatives will be effective before they are published, or even produced.
  • We can perform a creative A/B test for the final two design proposals, to discover which works best in the real world.

Digital content strategy

We define the key information each brand or product needs to communicate at the digital point of sale, and we arrange content it in order of importance. We call this “ePOS content strategy”.


e-Audits at all levels

Do you sell outside of your own website?

This service will help to optimize your brand and SKU presence within major online retailers around the world, highlighting the main opportunities for each e-retailer site:

  • Discover organic content opportunities
  • Find key media opportunities through the digital funnel.

Audit at the distributor level
Audit at the distributor level
Audit at the SKUs level
Audit at the SKUs level

Distribuidores con los que trabajamos

SKU audits per e-Retailer

We analyze and score your key SKUs on a 1-10 rating, based on criteria related to the global representation of your product on the analyzed platform.
In this way, we quantitatively and qualitatively monitor the performance of your key products, one by one for each of your major eRetailers.

A/B tests of digital content

We measure your digital content to ensure it is as optimal as possible

A/B testing allows us to measure and compare the effectiveness of optimized versus non-optimized product images and texts.

What we measure:

  • Number of sessions per URL
  • Conversion rate (visits/purchases)
  • Change in sales (billing/units)
  • CTR: (Click-through rate) number of clicks that a link gets compared to number of impressions
  • Session length
  • Mobile vs. desktop visits. Which device are most of your consumers using to buy?

For merchant accounts: simultaneous A/B testing

TEST_AB_AMAZON simultanea-100

Versión A

Ficha de producto actual

Test en página de producto

Versión B

Ficha de producto optimizada


páginas visitadas



For Amazon accounts: intermittent A/B tests

* AB testing on Amazon UK - October 2020 for Laphroaig Whiskey (Beam Suntory)

Laphroaig 10 1



in online sales

Amazon creatives

Amazon A+ pages


Amazon’s A+ pages offer an additional space where brands can add extra information about their products.
We develop custom branded modules for the A+ space, that sit below the standard product information section on the page, in order to drive conversion.


Sales increase through A+ pages.

A + Page for Toki Whiskey
Amazon Brand Store for Roku Gin

Amazon Brand Stores


The Brand Store allows brands to run their own exclusive store within Amazon.
It is a modular “website” providing a unique experience for the shopper, enhancing product visibility, increasing engagement, and displaying product features in a visually appealing format.

  • Free for all brands
  • Limited to one store per brand and country
  • A unique URL to redirect traffic in social or SEM campaigns
  • Useful tool that allows you to display the USPs of your products
  • 100% customizable store module
  • Specific metrics to analyze results and optimize content.

Digital campaigns to drive purchase

Don't lose users within the conversion funnel. We analyze which points of your funnel must be optimized to get the consumer to reach the final goal: conversion.

  • We connect your brand activation to the digital channel throughout the customer journey
  • We create a new online campaign from scratch, in which effectiveness and creativity go hand in hand. Each campaign includes a visual and copy strategy depending on the funnel stage
  • We adapt creatives for all digital touchpoints according to each phase of the customer journey: e.g. banners, newsletters, displays, brand content on the product page, Social Media Ads, A + pages, slides, videos, and more.

What we want to say.
How we communicate it (copy and visual platform).
Which assets we need to create to communicate it (photoshoot, illustrations, footage, etc.).
Each touchpoint is developed and adapted to each platform and according to the funnel.
We prepare files with the necessary technical characteristics for each case.

Digital point of sale style guides

Textual e-content


Make sure all your online texts share the same brand DNA with our unique textual style guides for the digital point of sale. In the document you will find:

  • A maximum of 15 pages covering the tone of the brand, the technical specifications of the product name and descriptors, and suggested keyword density
  • The creation of a textual hierarchy (content strategy) that determines the points to include and their order of importance according to path-to-purchase and brand positioning. For example, at this point we will establish whether it is more important to describe the ingredients or the convenience of the format
  • An Amazon specific product title “formula” to use in all product references.

Visual e-content


In order to develop new visual content, we create a briefing document to provides us with context on your brand and product portfolio. We begin most visual e-content creation projects with the following tasks:

  • Review of current assets and files
  • Brief scan of the main competitors and/or other categories of “exemplary” products
  • Study the main guidelines that make up your brand’s DNA (existing corporate manuals)
  • Make a “priority flow” proposal for your product category.
  • Production briefing of main assets to help the buyer choose your specific product from a whole range and against competitors.

For the creation of mobile-ready hero images, we also include an e-pack content hierarchy.

Innovative image and video service

Moving images

Static images with subtle movement in certain areas (both the background and main product element).
Great complement for brands.com and online retailers that allow their inclusion.

  • Profitable: uses existing assets but makes them more attractive
  • Innovative: continue to lead the e-commerce revolution with “immersive” experiences on the product page
  • Elevating user experience: added value with unexpected “immersive” experiences on the product page.

Interactive images & 360 spins

360º rotation of a product activated by the viewer using their mouse, or finger on a mobile device, allowing them to see the product from all angles.

360 images enhance the experience of consumers interested in your products by increasing the presence and awareness of your brand.

Advanced video creation

An alternative to brand/campaign videos, which usually don’t include the necessary sales aspects for the digital point of sale and aren’t sufficiently focused on the product.


We produce videos focused on a brand SKU that include CGI images accompanied by messages for the buyer.


Why they are important:


  • Improve brand and product visibility, engagement and conversion in the digital space
  • Offer buyers a more complete understanding of the products they are going to buy (mimicking the offline experience)
  • Complete the eContent asset refresh with advanced assets to populate product detail pages or rich content (A+ pages, video modules, etc.).

Video optimization

Video optimization methods differ based on goals, video type, and funnel phase.


They can range from technical aspects (such as formatting or SEO optimization) to more strategic optimization that may involve the use of artificial intelligence, in which brand videos are adjusted for the buyer’s use.


Increase in sales for products that include videos - if seen - on sales pages (source: e-marketer).

How we apply AI to videos:

Using existing heat mapping technologies, we can ensure that key messages are visible in every frame of the video.

Basically, we apply AI tracking analysis to each frame of the video to get a “heat map” version of the video showing which areas are drawing attention.

Example of how to apply AI in video optimization

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is already being applied in the online world to increase customer experience and satisfaction.

  • This technology offers interactive experiences in a combination of the virtual and physical dimension, through digital devices such as smartphones.

With computer generated images (CGI) we can create AR models that replicate a real product so that you can show it to your customers before they buy it. In addition, we optimize them so that they can also be seen on mobile devices.

AR_Menu 1