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We make sure shoppers can find and see your product on the e-tailer site

– no matter what device they use.

Product packaging is designed for the offline world. When it hits the digital shelf, your product packshot fails to communicate critical information at a 16mm mobile pic, affecting your sales performance.

At Optopus, we enhance and modify e-packshots and product descriptors so they become more visible and easily searchable. This is called e-pack optimization. It’s a simple, new ROI-assured process that secures conversions up to 23%, according to a recent Cambridge University study and Unilever.


Creativity meets


3D product images and “mobile ready hero images”

Our 2D and 3D teams create high quality mobile-ready – as well as standard – images and 360 videos using CGI (computer generated imagery).

E-commerce SEO copywriting

We combine e-commerce SEO knowhow with copywriting talent to ensure each word works toward taking you to the top of searches. With small tweaks to your product name, tags and descriptors we’ll help you hit the front row.

Visual content strategy and AI tracking

We use Artificial Intelligence testing to mimic the human eye and measure the effectiveness of your visual content. Our tests help to spot and address areas for improvement.

e-Audits at all levels

“One size fits all” solutions don’t work online. That’s why our e-content and SEO strategies are tailored to your e-site or key etailers. We analyse the performance of your SKUs and optimise them, too.

A/B tests

A/B testing allows us to measure the effectiveness of optimised versus non-optimised product images or textual content. Through the test we obtain valuable data to improve ROI or design marketing strategies.

Amazon creatives

We boost the sales and visibility of your products on Amazon by creating ad creatives, by building branded shops and by adding A+ modules to your product pages..

Digital campaigns along the path to purchase

We can bring your existing brand activations online throughout the shopper journey, or develop a new digital campaign from scratch – combining effectiveness with creativity.

Style guides for the digital point of sale

We create comprehensive style guides that include nomenclature, product descriptors, keyword density, and we also define the textual hierarchy that determines the points to be included and their order of importance.

Advanced and innovative images/videos

We create images capable of taking the user experience to the next level, such as moving images, augmented reality images, interactive images and 360º spins. We also create advanced videos through the use of Artificial Intelligence technology.


Lets crunch some numbers

Times are changing.With e-commerce in the spotlight, e-content optimisation is key. Are you keeping up?


out of 100 of all digital sales worldwide are now made using a mobile device


out of 100 comms perform better with AI tracking


online sales uplift percentage thanks to “mobile ready hero images”


online sales uplift percentage after including A+ modules on Amazon



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We are the first agency in Spain to offer “mobile ready hero images” creation, and to complement it with AI tracking technology.

We are based in buzzing Barcelona start up ecosystem but work for brands across the globe.

We’re creatives, strategists and technicians, yet we don’t promise the world. Our simple strategy is already improving the sales performance of global brands. The sooner you get e-optimised, the sooner you’ll see the benefits.

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