Easy. We make sure shoppers can find and see your product on the e-tailer site – no matter what device they use.

Product packaging is designed for the offline world. When it hits the digital shelf, your product packshot fails to communicate critical information at a 16mm mobile pic, affecting your sales performance.

At Optopus, we enhance and modify e-packshots and product descriptors so they become more visible and easily searchable. This is called e-pack optimization. It’s a simple, new ROI-assured process that secures conversions up to 23%, according to a recent Cambridge University study and Unilever.


Creativity meets

Mobile ready packaging design

Our 2D packaging team will enhance your existing pack design within brand-guideline standards, and following shopper-journey analysis. This ensures your brand and variant remain prominent and "visual noise" is removed from the image. We can also add off-pack communications if necessary.

New 3D product photography

We‘ll photograph your products into fully working 3D models using RealSense technology. The outcome: a beautiful 360° e-pack that communicates your product format, even at a small size. This allows for easy rendering of multiple SKUs, increasing the visual appeal of your product images.

E-commerce SEO copywriting

We combine e-commerce SEO knowhow with copywriting talent to ensure each word works toward taking you to the top of searches. With small tweaks to your product name, tags and descriptors we'll help you hit the front row.


Let's crunch some numbers

Times are changing.
Mobile-commerce is here to stay.
Are you keeping up?

out of 100 of all digital sales worldwide are now made using a mobile device
markets worldwide already use mobile-ready hero images
online sales uplift percentage thanks to m-commerce optimisation.
global retailers rate e-pack optimisation as e-commerce best practice



Ready to boost your online sales?

We're here to help you switch on e-commerce best practice, and win back sales along the way.

It’s common sense. A seen and found product sells more than an invisible one. Check it out yourself – can you see your brand properly from your mobile? Can you read the product variant? How’s the size?

We don’t promise the impossible – a mobile screen is what it is – but we do promise to help you showcase your product at its best. This means shoppers have all the information they need to make purchase decisions, within GS1 global standards.

Optimised images remove irrelevant detail from product packaging to ensure key details are more visible. We also use crop and zoom to enhance the readability of key sections. We offer A/B testing or sales lift testing to ensure all tweaks make your e-pack look its best before final roll out.

We’re creatives, strategists and technicians, yet we don’t promise the world. Our simple strategy is already improving the sales performance of global brands. Be seen by m-consumers. The sooner you get mobile-optimised, the sooner you’ll see the benefits.

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